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  Born on May 6, 1856, Sigmund Freud was an Austrian physician, neurologist, and the founder of psychoanalysis. His ideas and theories have been widely accepted, as well as widely argued, since their introduction. Freud's knowledge was incredibly useful to many people during his own lifetime, as well as afterwards, in that it held many different approaches to understanding the human mind. He talked of egos and of our inner psyche. He defined id as the subconscious area of our persona which maintains our instinctive biological needs and urges us to eat, to sleep, to urinate and more...
  Nevertheless, Freudian theory seems to be criticized endlessly, especially with respect to such notions as Freud's "Oedipus complex" which suggests that everything an individual does is linked somehow to their sexuality, and that feelings of sexuality are frequently directed at our parents. While Sigmund Freud's theories regarding the ideas of ego and id are quite remarkable in distinguishing between different aspects of the human mind, other theories are still highly subjective and open to interpretation, as is obvious from the amount of attention and criticism his work attracts. Undoubtedly, any body of thought as controversial as the theories of Sigmund Freud leaves contemporary students of psychology with a seemingly overwhelming challenge when it comes to interpretation, understanding, and paper writing. But THAT's where SigFreud.Com comes through.. with more than one hundred different interpretive essays analyzing the life & theories of Sigmund Freud to help students who are trying to delve deeply into the mind of this classic theorist...


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